7 Month Update

Yes, you read it correctly, Baby R is already 7 months old. I seriously blinked and she was already over half way to her first birthday. Is this even possible?!

Baby girl,

You are simply amazing in every way. Your new favorite thing is your fake cough and cry. Yes at 7 months you’ve already mastered it. Even the doctor commented on it. I think it’s funny and cute!!

You love sitting up, but you really want to move so you get tired of just sitting quickly. Toys go straight to the mouth. In fact, everything goes straight to the mouth even animals!!

IMG_2506When on your tummy you move backwards to get around or turn completely around, and you still butt scoot everywhere too. You love to stand with assistance and jump up and down. You love you jumper and exersaucer now. You even making the jumping sounds when you go up and down.

I think you were born to travel, because you are the best traveler ever. You stay so content in your car seat. It makes road trips to Montana easy. Except for your week long stent of diarrhea you had right before we left for Nana and Papas. That made for a long car trip. Cloth diapers with diarrhea is not fun!! I almost gave up.

I think a tooth is going to pop through soon. I can start to see a top and feel one. You gnaw at everything.

wide eyed mouth openYou love your oatmeal now and you loved the avocado pesto I made a few nights ago. I let you taste some off my finger. We have been introducing vegetables slowly and you are liking them more and more. I might try fruits in a few weeks. And you have been drinking water from a sippy cup after every meal. I might try to sneak in some breast milk 😉

At your doctors appointment two days ago you were in the 91st percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight. You outgrew your 6-9 months pants long ago. Thank goodness it’s been so warm here and we don’t need them. You are still wearing 6-9 month clothes and now size 2 shoes. Soon we’ll need 9 month p.j.’s because of your long legs.
reaching for shoesStill a great sleeper. 10 hours straight at night and 3 naps a day of 2-3 hours. I love our morning talks. I also love how loud you are whenever we go out in public. You want everyone to hear you!! I think grocery shopping is your favorite thing.

I can now add breast feeding at a divisional track meet, PO office, courthouse, job core office and outside a group home to my list of places. I have a growing resume in my head. I love hearing “you’re going to breast feed here?!” Yes, yes I am!!

Your new favorite game is pulling yourself up. You grab my hands and pull yourself up all by yourself and then you plop yourself back down to do it all over again.

I have been enjoying our spring morning runs!! I think you love it too. You are my little side kick. IMG_2210

17th lilac gardenIn the evenings you just want to be held and in plain view of mom or dad. You have been shy around the men. It took some time to warm up to your uncles in Montana, but you love your boy cousins. Sorry they treat you like a rag doll. You are going to be a tough cookie. 😉

Oh and I love how excited you get around animals. You literally almost jump out of my arms whenever you see a dog or the farm animals. You even started crying when I wouldn’t let you down to grab them.



My how you have changed. Look at your 1 month photo:

Stretch 1 month Reagan

And your 3 month photo:

3months Reagan love

Compared to 7 months:

shoe grab

From my little bean to my growing up way to fast big girl bean!!

Love you baby girl and your bubbly personality.

Until next time Be Whole and Be Fit

Any plans for Memorial Day Weekend?