For Such a Time as This

I meant to share a dessert, treat recipe this morning, because it was thoroughly enjoyed by all over the past couple of weeks, but I had more on my heart. It will have to wait for Monday, so stay tuned because you won’t want to miss it!! A hint, it has chocolate 😉

As our lives are kind of at a crossroads (my families) we are learning to rely on others positive voice and the promises from our Father. We are increasing our faith in this present time of our lives. It’s been a rough couple of months in many different areas. In life we are all facing challenges, trials, and seasons of pain and suffering. They are never easy.

I have been spending more time in my Word, trying to find God’s voice in the storm. Trying to seek His truth and promises, looking for His peace. I was directed to the story of Esther.

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It began with the dishonoring queen Vashti. She was basically kicked out of the King’s house for not coming to him when she was summoned. Her rebellion was a risk, as it could have encouraged others to dishonor and disrespect their spouses. There are so many parallels in this story to our current culture.

One, the women in our culture that are typically role models to the younger generation, the celebrities, rich and famous, are rarely pure in actions and words. Our young women are constantly seeing immorality on TV, on news stands, on magazine covers, social media, etc. Young women and even men are flooded with images of half dressed models and celebrities, of women hurting themselves through starvation, or being in a string of failed relationships, allowing men to disrespect them. In the same way, the kind was scared of the way others would respond when they found out of Vashti’s dishonor, our young men and women are at risk of trying to be like the rich and famous, who are often times disrespectful and immoral.

In another way, we can all be a little like queen Vashti. God has called us to be obedient to His will and purpose for our lives, and summons us to His purpose, His higher calling. But many times we are don’t hear His voice or we ignore it. We are disrespectful in trying to do it ourselves, on our own. We show a great dishonor when we pretend we didn’t hear His summons, His voice. Are we disobeying God / disrespecting Him when not obeying His orders?

esther 4.14

I know I have done this multiple times, but unlike the king in the story of Esther, God offers us His amazing grace. We aren’t thrown out of His kingdom, but offered a second or third or millionth chance. I felt convicted of being like Vashti and not being obedient to my Father’s purpose and plan.

I wan to be more like Queen Esther. Courageous and brave, with everything to lose, (including a whole nation of Jews). Instead of waiting to be summoned, Esther went into the King’s court, hoping the golden scepter would be given to her. She took a risk as she knew she was created for “such a time as this.” She went humbly to the throne of the King, such a different approach. We too should go humbly to His throne.

This story gives me encouragement and motivation in many areas of my life. I constantly remind myself that maybe I was created for such as time as this. I was created to be R’s mom, a wife, a daughter, a runner. I was created to walk through these challenges, so I could receive the promises of God and live in His purpose. To help advance His kingdom.

I know longer want to wait to be summoned, but I want to run to God in my time of need and I want to ask Him to use me now, even in my weakness in all the ways He can. I want to solely live for Him first, then my family and friends. I want to humbly go before Him and ask for His help, as I can’t do it all on my own and that takes the courage of Esther. 

esther-4.14 moment we've been created

It’s hard walking through our challenges, our hurt, our brokenness, but our Heavenly Father brings restoration and strength. He helps us in our times of trouble. He wants us to run to His throne, His scepter always extended, but yet we run to the things of this world. Material things, relationships, money, careers, the things that will all fade away and offer no complete satisfaction.

Are we not created for such a time as this? Created to be mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, teachers, coaches, doctors, nurses, women of God? Our presence is needed now more than ever in our culture and in our children’s lives. 

God gave Esther favor, and she found favor with the King, thus a whole nation was saved. Do we not have this same favor so we are able to defeat our challenges, enemies and trials? Those who trust in the Lord and find Him, will find favor, He promises this (Proverbs 3:3-4 & Proverbs 8:35).

We will always have challenges, but we will always find favor from our King because “Perhaps this is the movement for which we were created” – Esther 4:14.

Until Next Time Be Whole and Be Fit

Have you felt you disobeyed God’s direction? Do you struggle to know your purpose? What do you believe you were created to do?